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About Me

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I am an amateur photographer, cook, and sales guy at heart.

My education and professional experience have been across multicultural environments and I understand the intersectionality of identities. I strive to bring an open and inclusive framework to my work, especially when communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds.

As a successful Business Leader across my 16+ years of experience in Canada, India, and the United Kingdom, I have effectively managed and led business development, and sales operations for leading organizations across Cyber Security, TV Broadcasting, Music, Independent Digital Marketing agencies as well as large WPP Network Advertising Agencies.

With a strong focus on revenue, I have also managed large clients and teams across business cross functions to enable successful campaign implementations with strong ROI.

My experience across digital and advertising agencies has helped me gain a deep understanding and hands-on experience in content development & marketing across social media channels, performance marketing (media buying & planning), TV Commercial and Video production, and building large digital platforms (B2B & B2C) for brands across industries.

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